Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa

Mutsvangwa salutes 3Ktv

INFORMATION, Publicity and Broadcasting Services minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, says 3Ktv remains a pacesetter and a pioneer in the broadcasting industry.

3Ktv was licensed in November 2020, after coming tops in a competitive and public bidding process. It went on to become the first licensed private commercial station to operate in the country since television was first introduced in then Southern Rhodesia in November 1960.

“3Ktv launched ahead of the other five commercial television stations that were licensed by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe three year ago

 “Indeed, when 3Ktv went live at 6am on Monday the 28th of February 2022, it made history as the first of the six newly-licensed TV stations to do so.”

“This is not a small feat. The fact that no one else has beaten 3Ktv to this milestone tells you how challenging it is to launch a new television station,” Mutsvangwa said.

Mutsvangwa said the opening up of the airwaves to give space to new players was arguably more consequential and historic. “… and this is thanks to the New Dispensation and BAZ, as well as the enterprise of the players behind 3Ktv — is the fact that it is the first television station to launch in the country outside of the state broadcaster, ZBC, since television came to Zimbabwe more than six decades ago.

“This is not an insignificant development for the country, our budding democracy and the local media sector no matter how one looks at it,” she further said.

According to Mutsvangwa, the importance of the independent media to this country cannot be over-emphasised, as studies show that a vibrant, non-partisan and independent media can aid the development of a country.

“Our country has been on a recovery trajectory over the past few years after years of significant challenges. “Inflation, for example, has been falling, while industrial capacity utilisation has been soaring despite the Covid-19 pandemic. “The media have played an important role in all this good news.

And as shown in the licensing of the six new television stations and other broadcasting offerings over the past few years, the New Dispensation fully embraces independent media,” Mutsvangwa further said. The Information minister challenged 3Ktv to dispose of its duties responsibly and in a sustainable manner.

“As the government, we have done our part in opening up the industry and the air waves. It is now up to you as players to run with it in a sustainable and responsible manner that engenders national development.

As for the government’s digitisation project, Mutsvangwa said the project was almost complete as authorities were finalising a few issues to be able to close the project. This would enable all citizens to receive signals in all corners of the country, ensuring that no one is left behind in this information age.

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