3Ktv head of programming Lucia Kanyongo welcomes minister of Information Jenfan Muswere while Group Chief Executive Officer at Jester Media Services, Pilate Machadu, looks on. PIC: ANNIE MPALUME
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Muswere lauds flourishing 3Ktv

NEW Information minister, Jenfan Muswere, has lauded Zimbabwe’s first independent national television station, 3Ktv, for the quality of its programming and achievements over the past 18 months.

Addressing the media yesterday after touring the station’s studios in Harare, Muswere said it was pleasing to note that 3Ktv was continuing to grow from strength to strength — producing superb con[1]tent that was informing, educating and entertaining the nation.

The channel, which was licensed in November 2020, after coming tops in a competitive and public bidding process, went on air amid palpable excitement on February 28 last year, becoming the first licensed private commercial station to operate in the country since television was first introduced in the then Southern Rhodesia in November 1960.

“The familiarisation tour that we have just concluded gave me an opportunity to fully appreciate the operations by 3Ktv, which we believe as a ministry is doing extremely well. “Despite low-cost budgets, the newly-licensed television players are in a position to broadcast to plus a million people mainly in Zimbabwe.

The quality in terms of broadcasting is quite good, I am so impressed by their content,” he said. Muswere added that what was particularly impressive about 3Ktv was how it had managed to digitise its operations. “This is my second tour in terms of studios (television and radio stations in the country). The most important aspect that I have come to understand in comparison to other broadcasters … is the use of mutualised technical digital equipment.

“3Ktv has thus been able to reduce the cost of its operations and today is successfully broadcasting to plus a million people or so,” he said. The minister also called upon the media to focus on the macro-economic development thrust that the government had embarked on.

“Like what the president (Emmerson Mnangagwa) has said, politics has now taken a back seat. We are past the elections and we should now focus mainly on the economic trajectory as we work towards macro-economic growth,” Muswere said. Meanwhile, he also revealed that a ministerial advisory committee would be set up to consider challenges being faced by the media in the country. “Part of my responsibilities in terms of the stakeholder approach is to ensure that we have a ministerial advisory committee which takes into consideration the importance of all media players.

“Issues to be discussed include broadcasting issues, publicity, the two-way communication system and human capital development in terms of training and remuneration. “We want a situation whereby journalists have the mandate and shared responsibility to inform the nation,” he said. On his part, Pilate Machadu, the group chief executive of Jester Media Services (JMS) — the owners of 3Ktv, the Daily News, the Daily News On Sunday and The Financial Gazette, thanked the government at the same function for opening up the airwaves to private players.

“I also want to thank the minister for creating the time to honour us through this tour of 3Ktv, and for all the encouragement and support to our industry. “It is little wonder that in this climate 3Ktv is doing very well and giving voice to the previously marginalised communities,” he said.

Pilate Machadu, the Group CEO of Jester Media Services

Machadu added that JMS planned to introduce a radio station among its media assets when the opportunity availed itself. “We have even bigger plans and ambitions going forward as we continue to play our part in building our country,” he also said.

3Ktv went on air on February 28 last year, becoming the first licensed private commercial station to operate in the country since television was first introduced in the country in November 1960. 3Ktv gives advertisers the ability to target specific audiences and demographics, which means that advertising materials can be tailored to reach the audiences that are most interested in the advertised products and services.

Advertisements on 3Ktv can also be adjusted to fit different budgets, timeframes and advertising goals. Advertisers can also choose the most appropriate time slots and running times. 3Ktv is a sister venture to Zimbabwe’s iconic and number one business publication, The Financial Gazette, as well as the inimitable Daily News and the Daily News On Sunday

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