Murewa ritual murder. . . legs retrieved from toilet


Blessing Masakadza


THE suspect in the Murewa ritual murder of seven-year-old Tapiwa Makore, Tafadzwa Shamba, has led police to the recovery of the boy’s legs in a pit latrine.

The body of the boy, who was murdered two weeks ago, was found without the head, hands and legs in an incident that has also sucked in his uncle Tapiwa Makore, who has since been arrested.

The search for the head and hands continue.

This also comes as investigations are continuing amid reports that another human head had been found in the area.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi told the Daily News yesterday that while forensic investigations were underway to match the recovered legs, Shamba was the one who led the police to the pit latrine.

“The ZRP confirms that in the on-going investigations in connection with the gruesome murder of…Makore, two legs were recovered in a pit toilet near a village football pitch in Murewa on October 2. Police are yet to recover the skull and hands,” the police spokesman said.

“The suspect, Tafadzwa, led to the recovery of the legs. He indicated that he dumped the legs in the toilet, which led to it being dug up.”

In a separate incident, a Zvimba man was arrested for beating one of his sons to death and leaving the other with a fractured hand after he accused them of begging for food from neighbours.

“The police arrested a 43-year-old Zvimba man on October 1 who had left his two sons at home to go and do some casual work.

“He returned home drunk and accused the children of begging for food from neighbours and assaulted the children with a hoe. He struck his seven-year-old son on the head and the boy bled to death, while the 10-year older brother suffered a fractured left hand and a swollen right hand. The elder child managed to sneak out and seek help, leading to the suspect’s arrest,” the police said.

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