Mungoshi Jnr to launch online school



YOUNG writer and philanthropist Charles Mungoshi Jnr, pictured, will soon launch an online health school — the School of Positivity — which is expected to focus on building people’s mental strength to withstand the challenges they face in life.

Mungoshi Jnr, who will launch his first Christian book titled Riches in JC, said as November is his birthday month, he plans to do a number of things.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, Mungoshi said there are many things that the educational system is not bringing out in people, adding that it only teaches them to be employees, without nurturing the talents and gifts within them.

“Thus, with the School of Positivity, we intend to play a pivotal role in assisting people to grow an attitude of positivity and therefore, helping them manage their minds. Everything in this world is a result of the mind.

“The idea of an online school came about the moment the world became a global village. We can reach anyone on this earth through the Internet.

“There are many things that the educational system does not bring to light. We are basically taught to be employees — not to nurture the gifts and talents within us. I had this idea in 2017 and I have been working on it since then. Being online makes it easier to reach the world. Everything begins in the mind.”

Son to the late renowned writer Charles Mungoshi — who died on February 16 last year — the younger Mungoshi said the most frightening thing is poor mental health because a lot is going on and people are struggling to deal with these things.

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