MultiChoice Talent Factory launches free online master classes


Join over 25 000 registered users who are learning on the go with this exciting new series of exclusive online tutorials.

The MultiChoice Talent Factory has launched a series of online master classes on its portal, offering exclusive access to practical skills workshops led by experts in the world of film and television.

Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, said the online master classes were started on March 30 and would continue indefinitely, providing a boost to all film-makers, especially those in isolation or lockdown.

“First up in the offering is Produce Like a ‘Pro,’ a 20-module master class on production from pre to post,” she said.

“Anyone who missed out on the live MTF master classes in Zimbabwe in February will be able to catch up with these modules, recorded to watch from home, or indeed anywhere. The Produce Like a ‘Pro’ series fills an industry need for easier access to training material, tutorials and related templates.”

The master classes are available to the 25 000 registered users with a profile on the MTF portal and newcomers are encouraged to register as soon as they wish to gain access to this free online facility for professionals.

“What makes the Produce Like a ‘Pro’ series unique is that it has been designed as an A-to-Z package for tools and templates to equip new producers with the know-how to operate in this industry. From budgeting to casting, the modules have been created by Marie Rosholt, a highly respected pioneer in reality television who was executive producer of Big Brother, Survivor, Fear Factor, Deal or no Deal and other series,” said Dziva.

“The recorded master classes have been filmed and packaged by MTF students from the MTF academies in Lagos, Nairobi and Lusaka, supported by with leading industry experts including Tunde Kelani, Christian Epps and Steve Gukas.”

Produce Like a ‘Pro’ aim to break down barriers to accessing industry information, helping ensure that knowledge and experience is passed on to the next generation of African storytellers.

The series also complements recorded master classes that address industry concerns, such as accessibility, opportunity, and quality in local productions.

The MTF portal was launched in March 2019 as the third touch point of MultiChoice Africa’s ground-breaking MTF initiative, providing a pan-African film and television digital marketplace for information sharing on all related areas for Africa’s creative industry. The MTF portal offers open, cost-free access to film creatives across Africa, who can showcase their talent, access opportunities, stay up to date with industry news and expand their industry networks. The current total of 25,000 registered profiles is expected to grow with the launch of the online master classes.

The portal is complemented by the three MTF academies providing ongoing training to students from across Africa, including the Lusaka academy that hosts learners from Southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, and by live MTF master classes hosted in various countries from time to time.

The MTF portal is supported by various MultiChoice Africa partners, including Dolby, the New York Film Academy, Avid through JASCO Broadcast Solutions, Nihilent and other international and local industry organisations.

Dziva said the partnership with Dolby facilitated conversations with industry operatives who have been Oscar-nominated or who are past winners. The Dolby Institute Podcast Series, Conversations with Sound Artists, is available under the What’s New tab on the portal. Conversations with sound designers will follow in video format and will also highlight how top films use Dolby technology.

Interested creatives can join the social media conversation and are encouraged to say which module or master class was the most valuable or interesting, or can submit a content  wish list for future master classes. They can do so using the hashtags #MultiChoiceTalentFactory #MTFOnlineMasterclasses #IgnitingAfricasCreativeIndustries  on Instagram: @multichoicetalentfactory, Twitter: @MCTalentFactory and Facebook: @multichoiceafricatalentfactory



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