Mukundu’s book looks at boy-child rights


ONE of the country’s finest guitarists and music producer Clive “Mono” Mukundu, has launched his third book titled
Vacuum which looks at the rights of the boy-child.
The launch was held online in line with lockdown measures which outlaw crowd gathering. The 115-page book talks of neglected men’s issues while much attention is being given to women in society.

As a result, the book launch event was graced by Paul Vingi, an official from Padare, a men’s pressure group.

“The plan was to have a big launch, bigger than my second book Poor & Famous launch held at Theatre in the
Park in 2018, and my debut book Following The Melody launch in 2017 at the Zimbabwe College Of Music but
due to Covid-19 restrictions we had to do it online,” Mukundu said.

In 11 chapters, Mukundu fights tooth and nail defending rights of the boy-child.

“While the abuse and sexual violation of girls and women is welldocumented, having dominated news headlines and public discussions for many years, the abuse of the boy-child has been swept under the carpet or conveniently ignored,” he said.

In the book, Mukundu pokes holes in the feminist theories that have led to the demonisation of men and puts up a case of how unadulterated patriarchy strikes a balance between manhood and womanhood to create a just and fair society where both genders are acknowledged for their contribution to stable families and societies.

“A number of women are taking advantage of current laws which favour them at the expense of men to abuse
their male counterparts in the society. “Someone, a lady for that matter, tried in vain to frame me as a sexist. She
seduced me several times in vain and when she was convinced that she had failed, she raised unfounded claims that
I was the one trying to sexually abuse her. The society is now biased towards women hence the book is coming to address this gender imbalance,” he said

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