Mufundisi bemoans effect of lockdown on karatekas


Austin Karonga



ZIMBABWE Karate Union vice president Shihan Tawanda Mufundisi has bemoaned the eroding of discipline within the up and coming karatekas as a result of the Covid-19 induced lockdown that has rendered athletes idle.

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, we were slowly but confidently winning the battle and idleness whereby we were taking kids from the streets into the gyms and dojos where they are taught discipline but the advent of Covid-19 has threatened to erase all the efforts,” Mufundisi told the Daily News yesterday.

“The whole idea was to ensure that we empower these kids with self-discipline skills which will come handy in their social lives, should they excel in sport, the better for them, better for us as an association as well.”

Mufundisi who is also in charge of full contact karate in the country said while they acknowledge their sport will be among the last disciplines to be granted green light to resume training, they have asked the authorities to allow them open some of their dojos for the benefit of athletes.

“We find ourselves in dire situations whereby we want to arrest a catastrophe that comes with idleness so if we could be allowed to resume training some of our red light districts we would have done more good than harm to our athletes,” he added.

“We are committed to observing the Covid-19 guidelines once we are allowed to resume training, we don’t want to be fighting against what we can prevent now. It is our hope that our wish will be granted and allow the sport of karate to flourish in the country.”

Mufundisi is the only fifth dan Japan-graded Zimbabwean Shihan.

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