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Mudzipurwa: Dejaying comes naturally

THE age old adage, ‘a cat has nine lives’ is one of the most common maxims in the English language.

The proverbial nine lives emanate from the fact that cats have a rare ability of enduring and sneaking away from serious accidents without being fatally wounded.

This is mainly attributable to their anatomy.

There appears to be a general consensus among zoologists that cats are extremely intelligent, intuitive, gifted with lightning-fast reflexes, quick decision making skills and remarkable dexterity.

The unmistakable ability to evade catastrophe or get into serious problems but device means for survival is not restricted to cats but synonymous with one of Zimbabwe’s fast rising DJs, DJ Tryazz, real name Trymore Mudzipurwa.

Born and bred in the dusty streets of Daure village under chief Marange in Mutare, about 254km from Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare, Mudzipurwa did not only have a blood-spattered fight with a vicious background that threatened to kill off his dream but was surrounded by intense poverty.

“Life was not easy back then but I did not allow my background to deter me from attaining my goals so I toiled day and night to shrug off poverty,” said Mudzipurwa.

His determination and never say die attitude has allowed him to be the proverbial cat with nine lives.

Life was not easy with him when he made his Dejaying intentions known to the world.

Getting into an industry already dominated by seasoned DJs, penetrating the market was always going to be difficult but he soldiered on.

“During my formative years, I played for free at various functions or charge meagre payments as I made attempts to penetrate the market. These benevolent acts coupled by the good sound quality produced by my machines endeared me to many people,” said Mudzipurwa.

Fast forward to today, Mudzipurwa is now one of the sought after DJs in Harare.

He has blossomed from possessing a single powered hybrid amplifier and two speakers to an equipment rich entity boasting of crossovers, amplifiers (europower, soundcrest brands), codeless microphones, mid speakers, bass speakers and mic stands.

Before the lockdown I had played at a college sports day held at the University of Zimbabwe which had colleges like High Achievers Coach, Direct contact school, Success College, St Angela, Devine Success among others.

His progress was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic but as soon as government relaxed the lockdown conditions, Mudzipurwa, in typical cat fashion found his footing from what appeared to be a catastrophic fall, picking up from where he had left off before the pandemic.

He has since made appearances on Ngoda TV’s Sports evolution 360 show where he rubbed shoulders with local celebrities like Comic pastor and ex footballer, Method Mwanjali.

Wedding invitations have also come his way, playing at some of the country’s glamorous places like Cresta Lodge, Vainona sports club, Vimbiso resort among others.

While life was tough for the rising DJ, he did not let his circumstances deter him from achieving his goal, something which he encourages budding entrepreneurs.

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