Muchaneta volunteers for Covid-19 service


ACTRESS and musician Kessia “Muchaneta” Masona, pictured, is assisting the community by sewing face masks for school children during this on-going lockdown period.

Masona is part of four well-wishers doing voluntary community service at Harare High School in Mbare in the capital where they are making face masks for examination classes.

“The school bought materials and I have volunteered my services for free.
“I do not have money to support other initiatives in the community during this period of coronavirus but all I can do is to offer my service,” Masona said.

The actress did not go to a dressmaking school but hers is self-taught.

“I used to survive on dress making. I ventured into this project way back as a way of trying to escape from the jaws of poverty.

“However, here I am not looking for money but just to serve my community,” she said.
Masona is a holder of a degree in Community Development.

“We were taught in school to contribute to the development of our communities using our talents if we do not have money.

“So, basically I am putting into practice what I have learnt in school,” she said.
Masona hogged the showbiz limelight after starring in the television drama titled Muchaneta where she played the role of Muchaneta with distinction.

On stage, Kessia is known for her energetic dances.

This made some people speculate that she takes drugs or she performs under the influence of some spirits.

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