More production, less politics needed

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has in recent weeks been talking more on the need for accelerated production than divisive politics that has resulted in social development stagnation in the country.

He recently launched an ambitious US$8,2 billion agriculture industry by 2025 strategy, which he followed up last week by commissioning a US$50 million Belarus agricultural mechanisation project for local farmers. He informed the nation that the country will soon get US$50 million mechanisation equipment from Belarus.

Besides that, his government has been bank-rolling the climate-proofed Pfumvunza farming concept meant to deliver food self-sufficiency at household level.

And on Tuesday, Mnangagwa’s Cabinet announced an ambitious horticulture project which will see 25 000 boreholes being sunk across the country.

Besides what is happening in agriculture, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube on Monday updated the nation on what is happening on the economic front.

Prices of goods and services are stable, the local dollar is strengthening against world major currencies due to a functional and robust foreign currency exchange auction and the projection is the economy is rebounding. Growth will be registered in agriculture, mining and foreign remittances.

This is rare good news in the country where political mudslinging and skulduggery hogs the limelight.

More action is now needed to translate strategies into reality. We must put all hands on deck to increase production and ensure that the country emerges from the current economic quagmire.

It is our sincere belief that the country is in dire need of production, but this does not necessarily mean that we must not deal with our toxic politics.

There is also an urgent need to put a closure to the political cacophony in the country and this can only happen through dialogue.

A combination of a political resolution and increased agricultural and industrial production will spur economic prosperity for citizens, improving their quality of life.

Zimbabweans have suffered for too long and the message coming from Mnangagwa is encouraging and must be complemented by action on the ground.

It’s high time our political leaders across the divide realise the importance of taking Zimbabwe forward by sacrificing their personal goals for the collective. We cannot continue on the trajectory of political mudslinging, human rights violations, corruption and all other vices.

We need more production-oriented leaders, and less political quisling!

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