More arrested for fake Covid-19 certificates


Blessing Masakadza 

POLICE continue to make arrests of people presenting fake Covid-19 certificates in a bid to fly out of Zimbabwe from RGM International Airport.

This also follows the arrest of suspects believed to be behind the production and hawking of the fake medical documents.

It is now a requirement for travellers leaving or entering Zimbabwe to present Covid-19 free PCR test certificates issued 48 hours before date of travel.

In the latest development, police arrested three people at the airport for producing fake Covid-19 certificates before they could fly out to the United States and South Africa.

On January 7, Cain and Enerstine Manzira, who were due to fly out to the US, were apprehended at the airport after presenting suspected fake PCR tests certificates.

The Manziras were attended to by an employee of the ministry of Health, who was checking the authenticity of PCR tests on travellers.

Claims are that the checks discovered that the two’s certificates were fake as they did not match the standard certificate.

Investigations reportedly discovered that the two had tested positive for Covid-19 and forged the certificates as they intended to fly out to the US.

Another suspect, Takudzwa Silent Masawim was also arrested at the airport intending to fly to South Africa after allegedly producing a certificate from Sally Mugabe Central Hospital which was discovered to be fake.

There were some missing features on the certificate and it was discovered that the hospital does not issue certificates to ordinary citizens for business.

The date stamp on the certificate was also found not to be from the hospital, resulting in his arrest.

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