Mono brings nine singers together


© ACCLAIMED guitarist and music producer Clive “Mono” Mukundu who is the founder of Monolio Recording Studio in Harare yesterday released a new compilation album titled Anatha Brick; that collaborates the works of various musicians he worked with in 2019.
This will be an annual project to introduce new musicians while cushioning them with a few established artists.
“The album contains nine singers including the likes of Mbeu, Jane Doka, Bongo Riot, Kambo Boys, Chipo Muchegwa, Baba Taps, Dereck Mpofu, Patience Musa, Rati Mpeswe, McIntosh Jerahuni, Klara Wojtkowska, Tafadzwa Matiure, Chihuri Girls and Studio Blunders,” said Mukundu.
Some of the tracks on the compilation include tracks like Tariro, Plan, R.I.P, Chihera, Handiende, Vanonyepa and Ancestor among others.
Mukundu told the Daily News that at Monolio Studios they enjoy capturing and keeping all the mistakes and fights that happen in the studio during music creation thus this compilation was made.
“So far the response is very encouraging and music fans are so excited to be introduced to the new acts involved in this project,” he said.
Mukundu also said that this compilation album was inspired by the need to introduce new artists to the music fans and this is the 9th edition of something he has been doing every year.
“The one who I would say has, however, captivated a lot of music fans is Chipo Muchegwa who was born disabled without arms, but she soldiered on, she plays Mbira with her feet and has a great voice,” Mukundu said.

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