Moana’s burial drama spills into High Court


Anesu Mirisawu

THE fight between the late socialite Mitchelle “Moana” Amuli’s parents over control of her funeral service has taken a new twist after the mother, Yolander Kuvaoga, filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court to stop her burial that was set for yesterday.

Moana’s father Ishamel Amuli reportedly obtained a burial order on Wednesday for the socialite to be buried at Warren Hills Cemetery yesterday in line with his Islamic beliefs.

However, Kuvaoga resisted the move, resulting in skirmishes at Parirenyatwa hospital mortuary that have kept the entire nation captivated.

Moana, who was also popular in fitness circles, passed away close to two weeks ago after she was involved in a horrific accident that also claimed the lives of Harare socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Malawian fugitive Limumba Karim and Mozambican model Alichia Adams.

Ginimbi was driving his high-powered Rolls Royce Wraith coupe when it crashed head-on with a Honda Fit
along Borrowdale Road before hitting a tree and bursting into flames.

In her court application, Kuvaoga cited Amuli and the Registrar of Births and Deaths as respondents as she sought to have the burial order nullified.

She is also seeking the registrar to replace the burial place to Zororo Cemetery as Moana’s final resting place instead of Warren Hills.

Kuvaoga argued that she had already made arrangements and incurred costs for the burial to take place at

She also alleged that Amuli was seeking to bar her and Moana’s friends from attending the funeral in accord-
ance with his Islamic beliefs.

Amuli’s lawyer, Ashiel Mugiya, told the Daily News yesterday that they would challenge the application
by Kuvaoga and the matter has been set for hearing on Monday before Justice Pisirai Kwenda by consent of
both parties.

The judge has reportedly called on the parties to engage and find an amicable solution to their fight.

Kuvaoga accuses Amuli of being dishonest in his handling of the funeral, alleging that he went behind her back to obtain the burial order.

“On 18 November, Kuvaoga and Amuli agreed that the deceased would be buried at Zororo Cemetery in the presence of her relations, including Kuvaoga, her sisters and other family members.

“On 19 November, Amuli unilaterally obtained a burial order in my absence when at all material times
we had always agreed on the funeral arrangements.

“Amuli advised me that the deceased would be buried according to the rites of Islam in my absence, contrary to what we had agreed. Amuli stated that I would be excluded from the funeral gathering which would be
unacceptable as I am the mother of the deceased and loved her dearly,” Kuvaoga argued.

Kuvaoga said her daughter had remote links to Islam and as a people’s person, it would be unfair to have her
friends and associates barred from attending the funeral.

“More fundamentally, the deceased had remote ties to Islam as evidenced by her lifestyle, which was more secular.

“The deceased was a popular per sonality with huge following, apparently it would be unfair not only to me but to other people and relations who knew her personality,” she argued.

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