Miss Albinism pageant preps underway


PREPARATIONS for this year’s edition of Mr and Miss Albinism are underway and chances are high the event will be held online, in line with coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown measures.
However, finer details pertaining to the annual event will be revealed in due course, according to organisers.
“Preparations are underway but finer details such as the exact dates will be revealed in due course,” event founder Brenda Mudzimu said.

The inaugural Miss Albinism pageant was held in 2018 and was won by Sithembiso Mutukura, who was 22 then.
The event is meant to fight discrimination and stigma surrounding the condition.

Zimbabwe is said to have at least 39 000 people living with albinism.

In some parts of the continent, the “endangered people” are hunted and killed for superstitions reasons, as it is believed that albino body parts bring easy wealth, power or sexual conquest, and that having sex with a person living with albinism cures HIV and Aids.

Amnesty International reported that albino body parts are sold to witch doctors for thousands of dollars.
The killings were more prevalent  in Malawi, Burundi and Tanzania compared to other African countries.

The world over, it is estimated that between one in 17 000 and one in 20 000 people are albinos. The prevalence in parts of Africa, however, is far higher than the global average.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN agency that deals with human rights issues, reported in 2016 that albino hunters sell an entire human corpse for up to US$75 000 while an arm or a leg could fetch about US$2 000.

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