‘Ministers ignoring motions in Parly’


Ministers are not responding to motions debated in Parliament, Senators have said.

After motion is debated in Parliament it will be forwarded to the relevant ministry which is supposed to reply in 21 days but Senators said they are not getting responses to their motions.

MDC Senator for Bulawayo Gideon Shoko was the first to raise the issue last week, asking Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi why the ministers were not responding to motions.

“We have a lot of motions that we debate in this House but at the end of the day nothing comes out of that. The motions would be directed to a particular ministry. Twenty one days come and the motion lapses and is winded up and the minister has not replied.”

President of Senate Mabel Chinomona agreed with what Shoko said adding that the ministers must give answers on the issues.

“I think I am agreeing with you. If we may use this time to ask the Leader of the House to enlighten us what is taking place so that we can proceed.”

In his response Ziyambi apologised and promised to make sure that his colleagues will answer to all motions raised in parliament.

“It is very correct to say that if there is a motion, before it is wound up, the responsible minister has to come and address the issues that would have been debated. I have communicated this to my colleague ministers to say that we need to respond to motions.  The president has also told us that it is a must, we must do that.

“…what I can request, so that you support my argument is to remind ministers when motions are due for responding so that they can come and respond.  I apologise and it is a consideration that we will pursue and ensure that it is done.”

However, Chinomona said it is not the responsibility of Senators to remind ministers to reply to motions.

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