Minister Ziyambi files for divorce

Tarisai Machakaire

JUSTICE minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, pictured, has filed for divorce from his wife Florence who is also former deputy prosecutor-general, after allegedly spending six years living separately and not enjoying conjugal rights.
Ziyambi married Florence under the Marriages Act at Harare on December 26, 1993 and the marriage still subsists.
In divorce papers filed at the High Court, the minister said their marriage had been reduced to a “shell” and there were no prospects of reconciliation.
The couple have two children, one aged 26, and the other 20, who is still under her father’s care and going to school.
“The relationship between the parties has irretrievably broken down to such an extent there are no prospects of restoration of a normal marriage relationship.
“The parties have not lived together as husband and wife since sometime in 2014,” read the summons.
“Thus, the marriage is just a shell as they have not shared conjugal rights since then. The parties have developed diverging interests and have become incompatible and have lost love and affection for each other.”
Ziyambi proposed that each party retains immovable property registered in their names respectively, and wants their Westlea house awarded to their 20-year-old daughter.
He vouched to continue funding his daughter’s welfare until she graduates and becomes self-sufficient.
“It is just and equitable that the plaintiff continues to cater for (name supplied)’s welfare and educational needs until she graduates or becomes self-sufficient, whichever comes first,” further read the summons.
The listed properties are stand number 6421 Westlea and 21 Alderson Street, St Martins, Harare, registered in Ziyambi’s name and number 2576 Blufhill, Westgate, Harare, in Florence’s name.
“The parties acquired movable property during the subsistence of the marriage. It is just and equitable that upon divorce, each party retains the movable property in his or her possession.”
Florence is yet to respond to the case.

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