Minister alleges treasonous plot

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STATE Security minister Owen Ncube has alleged that the opposition is part of a plot to smuggle guns into the country to topple President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government from power, the Daily News reports.

The Gokwe-Kana legislator also alleged yesterday that the MDC Alliance was part of a group spreading falsehoods that Mnangagwa and one of his deputies, Constantino Chiwenga, had had a fall-out.
This follows the thwarted July 31 anti-government mass protests, which saw authorities deploying security forces across the country — amid accusations by rights groups of human rights violations by security agents.
Addressing a media briefing in Harare, Ncube said intelligence operatives had “uncovered” the plot to cause chaos in the country, but that security forces were ready to deal with it.
“We are watching attempts to drive Zimbabwe into chaos. Some rogue elements among us are conniving with hostile Western governments to smuggle guns and set up so-called Democratic Resistance Committees that are, for all intents and purposes, violent militia groups.
“These plans are key components of ‘Operation Light House’, the brainchild of one Western power that seeks to destroy the democratic foundations of Zimbabwe, make the country ungovernable and justify foreign intervention.
“As the State security sector, we shall take concrete action to deal with such threats,” Ncube told journalists.
“We want to reassure citizens that the security sector is alive to the machinations of the MDC Alliance, hostile CSOs and their western handlers.
“Our gallant security men and women will stand firm in defence of the national interests and sovereignty in order to allow government to focus and deliver its vision 2030.
“The latest ploy of regime change has manifested itself in the opposition’s never ending calls for demonstrations aimed at diverting government from pursuing its vision 2030 agenda and stoke factionalism within Zanu PF,” Ncube said further.
“They have gone to the extent of lying that there is a fall-out between … President Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwenga.
“They have also attempted to cause Western countries, the Sadc and churches to turn against the government by making false allegations of human rights abuses,” Ncube added.
This comes as the government is preparing to enact a law which criminalises spreading falsehoods in the country.
It also comes as security chiefs recently dismissed talk of a pending military coup against Mnangagwa and his government — warning that they would descend heavily on purveyors of such information.
In addition, they also warned former senior Zanu PF officials and leading opposition figures that authorities would catch up with them for continuing to make the “reckless” utterances.

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