MCs, DJs hit hard times

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Vasco Chaya 
PROFESSIONAL masters of ceremonies (MCs) and club DJs have been hit hard by the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown as the showbiz and entertainment sectors have been closed since March.
Government banned all gatherings in line with the Covid-19 regulations which promote social distancing, wearing of masks and frequent washing of hands, among others.
Club MC Flame Ndombele said things were tough.
“I was born an entertainer and my life was hinged solely on that. My job involves crowds; I have been reduced to a beggar as I have nothing to do.”
Ndombele, whose real name is Gift Nyazana, is a professional master of ceremonies and an upcoming musician. Over the years he has hosted weddings, graduation parties and performed on road shows.
“I have made a name in the industry and some of my fans are helping me pay rent and buy food, among other basics. Initially we thought the lockdown would not be long but it seems it is here to stay. I am leaving everything to God,” he said.
Flame Ndombele has an album, Simuka, and a number of singles including Time to Celebrate.
Celebrated MC Andy Kayz concurred with Flame Ndombele, saying the situation has been tough.
“It has been hard; extremely difficult for us to reach our audiences as well as practice our craft. As a resolution, we have increased our strategies and efforts towards digital interaction. As entertainers we are developing live shows on various platforms, especially social media like Facebook,” MC Andy Kayz said.
Club Dj Joe Mentro told the Daily News on Sunday that all is not well in showbiz.
“We are grounded and we have nothing to do. The situation is very bad for DJs. As for me I am trying to make ends meet by selling and repairing mobile phones and laptops among other electrical gadgets but this type of business cannot be compared to showbiz. Things are really bad,” Joe Mentro said.
Dj Dee Nosh agreed.
“Entertainment is on hold just like any other business. As a DJ I am grounded with no gigs or other events. As a promoter, I am facing the same situation, no gigs, no money since March. But, however, though it is tough for us, we thank God for the savings we made before the lockdown,” he said.
Dee Nosh is also into printing and designing. “We cannot compare this business to showbiz where we made a name through 2 Kings Entertainment.”
Seasoned club manager Yasin Dhala said bar managers are also suffering.
“It is really tough out here and the most painful thing is to see your family sleeping on empty stomachs. We have had nothing to do for the past three months or so because of the lockdown. However, as for me I have started a consultancy company, helping musicians with marketing and other stuff. In between, I do farming together with my cousins,” Dhala said.


Meanwhile, the government recently launched a $10 million Covid-19 relief fund for artists and they are being encouraged to apply the money.

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