Mbare hosts debut arts revolution


AFRO Trend will be hosting their first ever youth arts event, The Art Evolution at Stodart Hall in Mbare on March 7.

This all new creative arts event seeks to provide a platform for all young and aspiring artistes from all ghettos aged between 12 and 35 years.

In an interview with the Daily News Afro Trend media liaison officer Christopher Ngoshi (20) said: “As an organisation we have taken it upon ourselves to groom minority youth groups throughout the country.”

Ngoshi said this idea came after the realisation that while the nation is wallowing in an economic recession it is the youths that have been affected the most as they are the ones mostly aimlessly loitering on the streets and committing crimes because of unemployment.

“We chose to launch this initiative in Mbare because we believe it is a place that has given tremendous support to the local arts sector and this is evident based on the number of arts hubs and studios that have been created there.

“Our plan is to then move to various ghettos across the city each month but for this first event we will mainly focus on a DJ Battle for upcoming MCs and just a few other musical performances,” Ngoshi said.

Ngoshi said to make this event a success they have reached out to a lot of already acclaimed artistes that rose from the ghettos.

This event is the brainchild of Perseverance Mutore from Greendale who teamed up with others from various low density suburbs across the city to make the dream come true for passionate ghetto youths.

“This first edition will be free of charge and we are encouraging singers, dancers, models and those into filming to grab this opportunity,” added Ngoshi.

He said Afro Trend’s biggest challenge so far is that of sponsorship therefore they are requesting corporates and individuals to come through in support of the initiative.

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