Masowe leader sues over sexual harassment allegations

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PROMINENT Johanne Masowe church leader Lloyd Gwasira has dragged a congregant to the civil court for alleging that he uses witchcraft to sexually harass female congregants.
Gwasira, who oversees the Johanne Masowe sect which congregates at Gwanzura Stadium in Highfield, Harare, is seeking an interdict against Luxon Sixpence, a cop based at Lusulu Police Station in Hwange, whom he accused of maliciously spreading rumours against him and approached the civil court seeking for an interdict.

The Johanne Masowe church leader further accused Sixpence of abusing his position as a cop and claiming to be from the President’s office.

“Respondent has embarked on a malicious expedition against my person as a church leader and also as an individual. He has been going around the congregants spreading false rumours that I practise witchcraft to gain power in church, that I sexually harass women congregants and also that I kill people,” Gwasira said in his founding affidavit.

The matter had been set for hearing last week, but could not proceed as Sixpence had not filed his opposing papers. As a result, the matter was postponed to October 6.

Gwasira, represented by David Ngwerume, believes Sixpence’s actions were meant to destroy his church by sowing seeds of division among congregants.

“On 26 August he sent me a malicious text message wherein he was alleging that I killed his child, Madzibaba Manyara, Madzibaba Max from Gweru and many other congregants,” he said.

Gwasira also alleged that Sixpence has been going around several congregations headed by different leaders spreading the allegations. “To demonstrate his ambitions to destroy the church and to also demonstrate his persistence, he visited our Domboshava Nyakudya sect  led by Mathias Mandaza   sometime in September 2020 and he uttered the same shameful falsehoods at that sect. He also went to Negomo (this month) our sect headed by

Desire Parwangira and another led by Eckos Chore and again spread the same falsehoods.

“I am the church leader and the respondent’s utterances are designed to tarnish my image and assassinate my character and thus I have a right to approach the court for protection.

“The respondent’s conduct is continuing and if he is not interdicted, the harm will be irreparable as he is sowing seeds of divisions within the congregation,” Gwasira said in his papers.

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