Marondera moves Covid-19 isolation centre


MARONDERA has moved its isolation centre from Farmer’s Hall in the central business district to Dombotombo following the government’s advice that the identified centre was not conducive to receive Covid-19 patients due to its wood tiles.

This comes after the municipality resolved to turn the Farmer’s Hall in the Central Business District (CBD) into an isolation centre to complement the provincial hospital as the fight to the Covid-19 pandemic intensifies.

“The Health ministry condemned the Farmer’s Hall as an isolation centre and we have since moved to Dombotombo where we identified a new building. Government said the initial centre’s floor is made up of wood tiles hence not conducive to hold Covid-19 patients,” mayor Chengetai Murowa said.

The Farmer’s Hall centre had more than 20 beds and was meant to accommodate suspected Covid-19 patients from council-run clinics before they are moved to Marondera Provincial Hospital.

Apart from the isolation centre, council has deployed workers at its 12 functioning boreholes across the town, who are ensuring that residents practise hygiene at the water sources.

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