Marabha finds love, again

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Comedian Charles Mirisi, aka Marabha, has found new love and is in the process of formalising the affair, the Daily News on Sunday reports.

The lucky woman is 20-year-old Anisha Chigasa.

“This lady (Anisha) is my girlfriend. We have plans to formalise the relationship and settle down,” Marabha said without giving much detail on how he met his new sweetheart.

Charles Mirisi and his brother in front of the under construction house in Epworth – Pic Annie Mpalume


Anisha confirmed the affair, telling the Daily News on Sunday at the artist’s Epworth home on Wednesday that she is happy to be part of the popular comedian’s life.

“We met here in Epworth last month (August). I fell in love with him not because of his fame, but just true love.

Actually, I did not recognise him when we first met until he later revealed to me that he is the man behind the popular name Marabha,” Chigasa said.

Marabha’s brother, Paradzai Mirisi, told this publication that it was good for the ailing Charles to have a wife again.

“Marabha is aged 40 and his first marriage collapsed after he fell sick four years ago. He has three daughters. It is now in the public domain that my younger brother is sick. At times he experiences fits, he can be unconscious for up to 48 hours and that is the time he needs care the most,” Paradzai said.

Owing to poor health, Marabha now lives with Paradzai in Domboramwari in Epworth.

“Marabha used to stay in Waterfalls (in Harare) with his first wife. After they separated, I took him in as there was no one to take care of him. I was the one who nursed Marabha with the help of my wife,” he said.


Charles Mirisi AKA Marabha in front of the under construction house in Epworth- Pic Annie Mpalume


Marabha sustained a permanent head injury four years ago in Mt Hampden on his way from Chinhoyi.

“He was travelling in a kombi with other passengers. He had a misunderstanding with some of the guys in the kombi and one of them struck him severally with a brick in the head.

“He lost a lot of blood and the injury has developed into a permanent ailment. As a result, he suffered a stroke due to regular seizures he often experienced. His left side (hand and leg) does not function properly. Even his memory was affected,” he said.

Around June, Marabha fell critically ill. The news attracted the attention of well-wishers who swiftly intervened to assist him.

They donated cash and goodies.


The house Sekuru Banda funded to be built for ill Marabha still under construction in Epworth – Pic Annie Mpalume

Sekuru Banda (a Harare traditional healer and philanthropist) went an extra mile by building him an eight-roomed house.

“Mai Titi donated money for medicals while Passion Java bought him a bed. Mahwindo brought in some bags of cement, while Sekuru Banda chipped in with more bags of cement and other building materials,” Paradzai said.

When the Daily News on Sunday crew visited the Mirisi family on Thursday, Marabha’s house was almost 70 percent complete.

“More bags of cement are still needed for plastering and flooring. Doors, windows and part of the roofing sheets are still to be delivered, but we are happy with the way Sekuru Banda and others have honoured their pledges,” Paradzai said.

Marabha is the third born in a family of five.

“The doctors have permanently put him (Marabha) on drugs. He is also ordered to avoid mental stresses. However, some of the drugs he is taking are quite expensive and these include Carbamazepine tablets. We cannot afford them,” he said.

Carbamazepine is an anti-convulsant or anti-epileptic drug that reduces nerve impulses that cause seizures and nerve pain, such as trigeminal neuralgia and diabetic neuropathy. The drug is also used to treat bipolar disorder.

“I have decided to build the house on my residential stand so that I can closely monitor him considering his ill health. Blood is thicker than water you know.

“Besides, he has no residential stand. Some well-wishers had suggested renting a house for us in Chitungwiza for a year, but I turned down the offer considering it was not sustainable,” Paradzai said.

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