Marabha cools Java-Mai Titi social media tiff

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Comedian Charles ‘Marabha’ Merisi says he has not been able to follow the emotive tiff triggered by socialite Mai Titi and controversial United States of America-based cleric Passion Java over his welfare as he doesn’t have a smart phone.

Mai Titi and Java have of late been on each other’s throats over the former’s claim that some fame-hungry people were using Marabha’s ill-health to boost their following on social pages.

“I just heard a bit of it from someone close to me but the truth of the matter is that I am not on social media. I do not have a smartphone,” he told the Daily News on Sunday.

Marabha’s brother Paradzai said they just heard of the hullabaloo that was taking place on social media.

“I just heard of it, what pained me is that I do not have a smartphone to see for myself what is actually being said. However, as a family, we are not taking sides. We thank everyone who contributed towards the treatment and welfare of my brother. We are not putting their contributions on scale; we value every effort or contribution no matter how small it was.

“We received about US$900 in total plus electronic money of about ZW$10 000 which was used for treatment. I am happy he is now recovering.”

Last week, however Mai Titi accused Java of helping Marabha half-heartedly.
“Java is a fake preacher who is motivated by the love of money and fame. All what he has done was meant for publicity and his contribution to Marabha was very insignificant,” she exploded on social media.

Mai Titi gave Marabha US$200 for general upkeep and also to cater for medical bills.

On the other hand, Java with his front runner Wanisayi ‘Mahwindo’ Mtandwa, contributed US$70 in cash and a bed, according to the family.

“We would like to thank Sisi (sic) Mahwindo for contributing US$70 cash and a bed. We are grateful as a family. She is also in the process of mobilising resources to build a house for Marabha,” Paradzai said.

Marabha has been ill for the past three years after he was struck with a brick on the head by a colleague over a dispute that emanated from distribution of CD royalties.

Then, he was living in Waterfalls with his wife and three children.
“My wife ditched me when my health started deteriorating. She went with our children to her rural home in Zvimba,” the 40-year-old comedian said.

“My brother’s wife is now the one taking care of me from dawn till dusk. I know it is not a simple task nursing a grown-up man. But I am glad that I am on the recovery path and hope to return to work soon,” he said.

The comedian is staying with his brother Paradzai in Epworth.

Marabha has also dismissed rumours that he was “disowned” by Kapfupi after the ‘Mai Ngaa’ hit-maker was accused of grabbing some of Marabha’s donations from well-wishers.

“There is no way he can simply ditch me at a critical time like this. In fact, he was the one who initiated the campaign to help me,” he said.

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