Man up for attempted murder

Tarisai Machakaire

A HARARE man allegedly lured his friend to a secluded area in Highlands, stabbed and left him lifeless at the scene following a botched US$1 800 deal.

In a bid to conceal the offence, Tapiwa Joseph, 30, drove to Ballatyne Police Station in blood-stained clothes and attempted to file an armed robbery report but was unfortunate when the case was transferred to Highlands where the complainant had already laid his complaint.
Joseph appeared before Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko charged with armed robbery in aggravating circumstances and attempted murder.
Joseph initially faced armed robbery charges before the prosecutor Lancelot Mutsokoti amended the charge sheet to include attempted murder yesterday.
He was represented by Concillia Maheya and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.
The matter was remanded to May 28 for furnishing of trial date.
The complainant is Pinias Munyongani, 31, of Hatfield Harare who had known Joseph for a year.
It was alleged that on May 8, Joseph called Munyongani indicating that his relative had large sums of US dollars that she wished to change into smaller denominations.
The court heard around 10am, Joseph and Munyongani linked up and drove to 19896 Gunhill Rise, Highlands, Harare where the said relative resided.
When they arrived, Joseph disembarked from the car and went into the house which is still under construction, leaving Munyongani parked at the gate.
Joseph returned and said his relative was in a meeting and Munyongani became impatient and wanted to cancel the deal but later waited for an hour.
It was alleged that Joseph got back into the car and directed Munyongani to drive further down the road where there were no houses.
While waiting for the deal to materialise, Munyongani began counting his money which amounted to US$1 836 that he intended to change for larger denominations.
At that juncture, Joseph suddenly produced a knife and stabbed his friend on the head and twice on the chest.
The court heard that Munyongani wrestled and disarmed Joseph who then grabbed him by the throat, strangling him.
At that moment, Munyongani was opening the car door and managed to escape but since he was weak, Joseph caught up with him and struck his head with a stone.
As Munyongani fell to the ground, Joseph rushed back to the car and drove away.
It was alleged that Munyongani staggered to the residence where Joseph’s relative supposedly stayed and found two builders whom he gave his father’s contact to call.
Munyongani’s father, Josphat, rushed to the scene and assisted his son to file a police report at Highlands before taking his son to Avenues Clinic.
The court heard Joseph had also drove to Ballantyne Police Station wearing blood-stained clothes and filed an armed robbery report.
However, his luck ran out when his matter was taken to Highlands Police Station and it was discovered that he had robbed Joseph.
Munyongani’s Mercedes Benz C200 was also recovered from him.

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