Man up for attempted murder


A GLEN Norah man is battling for his life at Harare Central Hospital after he was struck with an axe by a suspected mentally-disturbed man in their neighbourhood on Saturday.
When the suspect, Shawn Bwanali, 25, appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzayi Mugwagwa yesterday the T-shirt which he wore when he allegedly committed the offence was blood-stained.
He was charged with attempted murder and remanded in custody to February 10 pending examination by two psychiatrists.
“We wish to proceed by section 26 of the Mental Health Act and the accused person will be confined to the psychiatric unit pending the assessment,” prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa told the court.
The complainant is 18-year-old James Pfachi of Glen Norah A in Harare.
Mutizirwa told the court that on January 25, Pfachi and Bwanali passed each other along a street in Glen Norah.
Bwanali was holding an axe and turned after passing Pfachi and followed him.
Pfachi did not realise that he was being followed and was struck with the axe once on the upper back.
Bwanali was disarmed and the matter was reported to Glen Norah Police Station, leading to his arrest at the scene.
The axe was produced in court as an exhibit.
Pfachi was admitted to Harare Central Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

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