Mamombe, accomplices want to flee — State

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Blessing Masakadza

MDC legislator Joanna Mamombe and her alleged accomplices Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova who were charged for allegedly violating lockdown regulations by participating in a demonstration are planning to flee the country, the State has said.

This was said in court yesterday when the State applied for variation of their bail conditions proposing that they should surrender their passports.

Investigating officer Hardwork Maziti told the court that resources had been mobilised for the trio to flee and not stand trial.

“On June 2, I received information that the three accused persons are intending to escape from Zimbabwe to avoid trial. The information was that there are individuals who have already mobilised resources and financial support to facilitate the escape from Zimbabwe,” he said.

Responding to the claims, the trio’s lawyer Jeremiah Bamu scoffed at the State’s submissions saying they were based on mere averments by the investigation officer after he failed to divulge the names of the alleged resource mobilisers and failure to give the trial date means his clients will not flee from something that does not exist.

He said the allegations to flee from justice amount to a separate offence which the trio should have been charged with and the fact that they have not been charged means it is speculation. He said the job of the police is to prevent crime and not to wait for an offence to be committed for them to act.

He said with the current lockdown, it is not possible for one to flee the country whether by air or by road and that there are strict travel restrictions in the country that make it difficult for them to flee.

The defence also said no nation is open to accepting foreigners in their countries as a measure to contain the spread of Covid-19. He put it to the investigating officer to explain how the three are communicating with the said resource mobilisers as their cellphones were confiscated by the police.

Harare magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti Guuriro will make a ruling today.

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