Makorova wins inaugural shadowboxing challenge


Godknows Matarutse

BONGANI Makorova from Tough Bulls Boxing Club was crowned overall winner of the inaugural Shadow Boxing Challenge competition.

Makorova beat competition from more than 200 boxers who took part in the competition designed to keep boxers active during coronavirus (Covid-19)-induced lockdown.

Zvikomborero Danzwa from Mau Mau Boxing Stable came second while Evans Husavihwevhu from the Charles Manyuchi Boxing Academy was third.

The shadowboxing challenge ran throughout the month of October with boxers sending shot clips on WhatsApp to judges with points being awarded on technical decisions.

Technical decisions were based on speed, imagination/anticipation, foot work, variations, defence among other things.

Moses Makhula teamed up with Fellow Neusenga and Shadymore “Shulemotto Igwee” Masvosva to come up with the concept.

Makhula gave an insight on what they were looking for from the boxers when awarding points.

“What we were looking for is what you decide to display and then we judge you on that. You must throw punches at the right level.

“Shoulder height if it’s a jab, right across or rapid, hooks and uppercut must indicate where your imagination is, movement sideways which foot you start with, backwards and going forward which leg moves first.

“Proper ducking, proper guard as you throw punches no foul punches, correct punches landing. No showboating,” Makhula told the Daily News yesterday.

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