Mai Titi graces women’s series


A brand new series of events aimed at promoting the growth and visibility of women in the arts under the name “Women Crush Wednesday” will be premiered at the Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre on March 11.

The event is part of fulfilling the industry’s vision to promote growth of the arts and entertainment industries through encouraging more female acts to headline.

Jasen Mphepo Theatre coordinator Caroline Magenga said: “At the first event we are going to have female comedienne Mai Titi headlining the event by talking to audiences about issues to do with social media as a marketing tool for arts practitioners.”

Magenga told the Daily News that it is important to launch the event with Mai Titi because she has become a household name through showcasing her comedy clips via social media.

She said there are a lot of other artistes trying to break into the industry and have access to social media but they do not know how to use it to monetise their talents.

“On the first run of the event Mai Titi will be intensely dealing with such issues and hopefully this will then play a role in growing local arts talent,” said Magenga.

She said the response to the upcoming event has so far been overwhelming to say the least as it has already started gaining a good following and they are truly grateful for that.

Magenga said the event will not only be for women alone but for everyone in the industry whether upcoming or already acclaimed in their particular fields.

“There is going to be so much to learn in this initiative that has been well received in the arts industry and we are hopeful for more people to come through to attend in the spirit of growing the industry in unity of purpose,” she said.

Magenga said this initiative actually started last year and after this upcoming event it will then be consistently hosted every month in the hope to see both men and women come through for the Women Crush Wednesday free of charge events.

She added that the event began as a brainchild of theatre director Jasen Mphepo as part of his overall vision for the theatre.

“We had other female performers come through as hosts and others as performers including Tammy Moyo, Diana Samkange, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa and Tariro neGitare among others,” said Magenga.

She added that it is important to note that this event will not be targeting females only but rather female growth which can also be supported by men that are interested and passionate about the arts.

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