Mai Titi defends publicity on donations

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SOCIALITE and philanthropist Felistas Edwards, popularly known as Mai Titi, has defended the act of helping or giving on camera, saying it promotes accountability, the Daily News reports.

This comes after Mai Titi, who is also an accomplished actress and musician, was accused on social media of “helping” marginalised people to get media mileage.

“When we document and publish our charity projects the idea is not to gain mileage or popularity but it promotes accountability between us and our donors. A number of well-wishers help the marginalised community through us hence we do everything in public for accountability purposes.

“Donors do not simply give you money and remain silent. They want to know that their efforts reach the intended beneficiary on the ground. I work with a number of individuals and organisations on philanthropic projects.

“When I post the charity work on social media, my critics wrongly think it’s my initiative; how can I build over 100 houses, not talking of clothes, food and medication among others alone?” she asked.

Mai Titi’s critics backed their argument by quoting Matthew 6:3 in the Bible which reads; “But when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

But the diva is adamant, asking: “How can we run humanitarian projects without showing the actual situation on the ground? Those people or organisations who fund our projects need to know everything, so there is no point of keeping what I am doing a secret. We need to attract more donors for the benefit of the poor.”

Over the years, Mai Titi has helped a number of poor people including children.

One of her beneficiaries is comedian Charles “Marabha” Mirisi who she helped with money for medication.

Time and again, she assists vulnerable children in Mt Hampden with food and clothes on camera. At her Harare home, she helps her neighbours with borehole water.

Mai Titi is not the only philanthropist to be attacked by society for giving on camera as a number of musicians, politicians and preachers including Killer T, Mahwindo Foundation and Walter Magaya among others have also been criticised for similar acts.

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