Lover killer insane, High Court rules



A CHINHOYI man who decapitated his lover in 2009 and went around selling her private parts and fingers has been acquitted by the High Court after it was established that he was mentally unstable when he
committed the murder.
Judge Justice Joseph Musakwa cleared Elias Kurapxi after considering that he was  insane when he committed the

“It is ordered that the accused person is not guilty by reason of insanity. “The accused is ordered to be committed at Chikurubi Psychiatric Unit,” Musakwa ordered. Kurapxi resided at Botas Farm in Chinhoyi and had asked his lover to accompany him to Chisaki Farm where the fateful incident took place.

While at the farm, Kurapxi used a pocket knife and slit the woman’s throat before stabbing her in the stomach.
He then cut off two fingers from her right hand, two toenails from the right foot, her reproductive organ and inner
part of the left knee which he went around selling at the farm, leading to his arrest.

When he was arrested, Kurapxi was found with the deceased woman’s private parts and an autopsy conducted on the remains concluded that death was due to decapitation. Kurapxi was referred to Chikurubi Psychiatric Unit
where he has been detained since 2009 and on September 19, 2017 (Dr) Patrick Mhaka compiled an affidavit and
concluded that at the time the offence was committed he was mentally unstable.

One of the witnesses Mackriel Chauruka, who testified during Kurapxi’s trial, told the court that on December 1, 2009 he came to him asking for assistance to venge a dead niece’s death.

The court heard Kurapxi was in the company of Deon Bezuidnhout and told Chauruka that he had his niece’s
private parts to use for the ritual.

When he showed him the decomposing female private arts, Chauruka immediately ought assistance from the neighbourhood watch committee to arrest him and handed him over to the police.

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