Lockdown crucial in beating Covid-19


EDITOR — At the end of last month, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced a 21-day lockdown in a bid to limit the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Citizens took heed of the measures to curb the spread of the pandemic.
It is argued that interventions such as the national lockdown, observing social distancing, closure of public places and a ban on public gatherings among other measures are contributing to a great extent to the low numbers of people that have tested positive in Zimbabwe.

However, other sections of the community highlight that the low rate of people tested has a huge bearing on information about our infection rate.

Nango also appreciates the role of civil society, government and the private sector in ensuring there is wide information dissemination so that people’s awareness about coronavirus, its prevention, symptoms, treatment, testing and where to report suspected cases is raised.

Nango members are playing a key role through mobilising resources such as sanitary pads for young girls during this time of immobility and early closure of shops, offering legal services in a bid to promote access to justice during the lockdown, offering psycho-social support to victims of gender-based and domestic violence.

Humanitarian organisations have continued with their efforts of ending hunger through facilitating food distribution in communities, observing the Covid-19 distribution protocols so that they don’t end up being vehicles of of the epidemic, jeopardising communities and their own lives.

It is encouraging to note that citizens have understood the need to adhere to ways of curbing the spread of coronavirus, cooperation from citizens is evident.

Nango implores citizens to continue practising social distancing, avoid gatherings and practice good hygiene in view of preventing the spreading or contracting of Covid-19.

NGOs are urged to find ways of offering services and goods that are crucial for improved health service provision, access to water and access to correct information regarding the pandemic.

Nango is the recognised coordinating body of NGOs operating in Zimbabwe.

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