Live Well Zimbabwe: Igniting the information superpower

UNICEF Zimbabwe in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Child Care and a local creative agency with global footprint DiComm
McCann are collaborating through the Live Well Zimbabwe radio campaign that empowers children, parents and communities about
their well-being including health, nutrition, water and sanitation, child protection.
The campaign includes broad messaging using radio stations across the country and includes formats such as adverts, podcasts, radio
dramas, short story narrations and talk shows.

Commenting about this initiative, DiComm McCann Managing Director Charles Mutemera said: “Sadly fake news is now a reality in
the world we live in and many people make life decisions based on misinformation or lack of information and we are addressing this
through the Live Well Zimbabwe program.”

Radio remains an extremely important media in Zimbabwe with more than 60% of people using radio. This initiative is ensuring
listeners have the most up-to-date and factually correct information about their well-being to reinforce positive behaviours across many relevant issues.

The program is running for 6 months, is an exciting approach to discuss issues that affect people and empower them with the right
information to make the best decisions. While utilising feedback channels to interact with listeners through talkback radio.
UNICEF Zimbabwe Chief of Communications, James Maiden said:

“We are witnessing UNICEF’s continuous commitment towards improving the welfare of every person in Zimbabwe. Last year we ran the Live Well pilot program for 6 months and it did exceptionally well.”

The Live Well Zimbabwe program began as a smaller initiative last year addressing health and nutrition issues .

The show was broadcast on five community radio stations namely SkysMetro FM, Hevoi FM, Capitalk FM, Nyaminyami FM and
Diamond FM.

The radio programs also included the engagement of influencers and celebrities as role models for positive behaviour change.

“The current Live Well Zimbabwe initiative is cross sectoral and bigger in scope and seeks to address issues related to Health, Nutrition, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Child Protection and HIV. The partnership with Dicomm McCann will strengthen the
initiative.” Maiden urged communities to tune in to the programmes providing lifesaving information, provide feedback and share experiences, intended actions and commit to personal and community actions.

“Looking into the future, UNICEF aims to continue strong integrated behaviour change campaigns to help communities improve their
lives,” Maiden said.

From mid-October 2021, catch Live Well Zimbabwe programs and keep an eye out on our social media pages for more information and
schedules. @UNICEFZimbabwe @DicommMcCann @CMutemera

For more information please contact:
Charles Mutemera
Managing Director
DiComm McCann

Tel +263772162686/8