Let’s work together to make 2021 better


EDITOR — As we wait for the rains I urge all Zimbabweans to make sure they gear up to make the 2020/2021 agriculture season a success.
Looking at the lack of success during the last season I am sure that many more people are eager to get into farming this year to make a better yield. More so with the effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

But what I am concerned about is the economic situation whereby many people are unemployed and do not have
the money to adequately prepare for the farming season.

My appeal would be for the government to make sure that they give farmers inputs on time, especially for Command Agriculture.

In fact government should have started distributing seed to farmers as early as August to ensure that as soon as the
rains start the farmers are ready to get down to work.

If the government does not provide inputs this year, I foresee a decline in production as most people will not be able to afford the necessary seed and fertilisers.

I have noticed that inputs and fertilisers are available on the market but the liquidity crunch and skyrocketing prices
will result in many failing to buy the necessary inputs.

All Zimbabweans must work together to make sure that this farming season is a success. We can do it. Agriculture is our main hope, together we can revive our economy.

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