Let’s join hands, pray for the nation


EDITOR — I believe it is the duty of each and every person in this country to pray for Zimbabwe.
Looking at what is happening, we need to all come together and pray that God guides our leaders so that they take the country forward.

It is sad that during the run-up to the elections many people referred to party leaders as the anointed men of God.
Anointing always speaks of the Holy Spirit and a true man of God.

King David was most certainly an anointed man of God and the Lord Himself refers to him as a man after God’s own heart.

You will always know a man is of true anointing inside the church because he will be a deep expression of the Lord he serves; the Lord Jesus Christ.

He will speak like Him, think like Him, act like Him and the very character and nature of the Lord and the fruit of God’s character will be very evident.

He will be a humble man, aware of his own fragility with a servant-hood spirit; a peacemaker and he will not compromise the word of God.

Do any of our ministers or leaders have these traits?
Do the 1980s Matabeleland debacle, the destructive land reform programme, Operation Murambatsvina, the violent 2008 elections, the hate speech, the greed, corruption, the tribalism and racism that have destroyed our nation resemble anything of our Saviour?

Much scripture has been distorted and twisted in Zimbabwe today.
Romans Chapter 13 tells us to submit to government and this is one teaching that has been mercilessly strangled and abused.

Governments are appointed by God but nowhere does Paul approve a corrupt government and ungodly officials or unjust legislation. However, in punishing the sins of a people or for reasons known only to Him, God will sometimes allow evil rulers to have authority for a time as the Old Testament frequently testifies. Scripture explains scripture and a text taken out of text becomes a pretext.

The Bible is full of stories of judgment on unjust, oppressive and evil rulers.
Ideally God grants authority to achieve good ends and how that authority is exercised will be to the accounting of each to whom it is given.

Loyalty to God must always take priority over all human authority. It is a clear biblical principle that we may need to disobey earthly authority if commanded to sin.
Zimbabweans are guilty of idolatry. We are in trouble today because we have lifted up man in place of God. There needs to be repentance.

Often we hear of leaders being referred to as devout Christians when the fruit they have bore is the exact opposite.
Clearly the Church has failed to stand up and do its job as a prophetic voice to our nation and clearly our spiritual leaders have failed to teach the difference between the holy and the unholy and the clean and the unclean.
It is as though those that lead spiritually are too afraid to call a sin a sin.

The only way through this unbelievable mess as a nation is repentance starting with those of us who call ourselves Christian.

When a people recognise their sin and the sin of their nation and repent and cry out for forgiveness, the Lord will raise a man up to lead us.



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