Let’s change tact in 2021!

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ZIMBABWEANS are yearning for a new life and wishing for better to come this year. Their dream and hope is that our politicians will come to the party and deliver the nation from the continued political conundrum that has halted the country’s economic growth.
The country has been in a state of paralysis for a long time, saddled by unnecessary political bickering. We hope the cacophony in the recent Zanu PF district coordinating committee elections will not distract government operations like before during the forgettable and unnecessary and long rule of the late former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

The country is hoping that the ruling party will mark 2021 with a remarkable implementation of the sagacious National Development Strategy 1. The haggling for power in Zanu PF in the last quarter of 2020 was needless and a danger to social and economic development of the country.

As a nation we need to turn a new leaf this year. We need unity of purpose, shared vision and values to extricate the country from the economic doldrums we have been mired in since the turn of the millennium.

The forward looking trajectory can become a reality only when the political gladiators stop wasting away valuable time in power contestations and focus on the key policy issues, to deliver economic and social development prosperity.

We need as a nation to immediately find common ground irrespective of political differences if we are to move our country forward. The interest of common people should be respected.

Zimbabweans should reclaim their dignity by being governed well. They should not allow politicians to play with their emotions, trample on their rights and use them for personal and party aggrandisement.

We must demand to be governed well. We need to change direction as a nation if we are to access international and bilateral assistance. We cannot continue to live in international isolation! The government has to reinvigorate and accelerate international engagement and reengagement.

Opposition political parties must play their part, not opposing for the sake of it. They must offer solutions and compliment government where it is doing right, and condemn it for dereliction of duty.

The cancerous spread of corruption must be brought to a halt. It is not only the duty of the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission, the Special Unit in the President’s Office and the police to end graft. It is the responsibility of every Zimbabwean.

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