Let’s all fight coronavirus


EDITOR — As the world fights coronavirus, I urge Zimbabweans to also keep on fighting for the betterment of their country.

Zimbabwe has been in the hands of corrupt and ruthless leaders who are focusing more on feeding their bellies off the national purse and forgetting the citizens.

Coronavirus has already killed thousands in Italy and other countries.
So far in Zimbabwe we have three people confirmed positive by the ministry of Health.
Out of three one by the name Zororo Makamba has died. May his soul rest in peace.

Let’s continue praying that this virus will pass without too many casualties in this country.
Although Zimbabwe has the least number of affected people, it has failed to make sure that no one dies. This shows that the government is not prepared at all for this pandemic.

The government needs to do more to show that it values its citizens’ lives by making sure that all that is humanly possible is done to ensure that people will get the help they need when the time comes.

We need to put trust in ourselves by observing good hygiene and learning from those countries who have lost many lives due to this pandemic.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, let us cover our cough or sneeze with a tissue and throw it in a bin.
Let us wash our hands with soap under running water regularly.
While we do the above, we should keep on fighting for good governance and respect of human rights.

This government does not have solutions to revive the economy of Zimbabwe. Neither does it have the solution to fight Covid-19.

— Fanuel Chinowaita.

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