Let the law take its course!

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ON WEDNESDAY, the Harare Magistrates’ Courts sentenced to jail popular Zimdancehall producers — DJs Fantan and Levels, alongside promoter Boss Dammer, for staging a New Year’s eve gig in Mbare attended by thousands  of revellers against Covid-19 lockdown measures.
The gig was deemed a potential super spreader and in flagrant violation of lockdown guidelines, which were first introduced in the country in March last year.

The three socialites were then gaoled for an effective six months each. Debate is raging in the country on the appropriateness of the sentence, but that is not the subject of today. The courts have the jurisdiction to determine a befitting sanction depending on the gravity of the case.

The matter is simply that the courts had to act and send the appropriate message to would-be offenders. Words without action are hollow and an example had to be made, though it may be perceived as harsh.

It is now common cause that it was not only the three who contravened lockdown measures that have been in place  since March last year. Several individuals, musicians, clubs — both poor and the rich — violated the measures and must be answerable for their delinquency without fear or favour.

DJ Fantan of Chillspot Records

No one is above the law! We are encouraged that the police have made it abundantly clear that they are keen on # pursuing anyone, anywhere who flouted lockdown measures on the eve of 2021 and beyond.

The law should never be applied selectively despite and in spite of anyone’s station in life. The long arm of the law should descend heavily on offenders given the danger Covid-19 is posing, not only on our precious lives, but the economy as a whole.

The country is at a standstill, its economic recovery plan in abeyance and leaving us guesstimating on the future. We are no longer in control of our future as long as the pandemic continues to gnaw on the nation’s plans.

And citizens cannot and should never be allowed to abet the pandemic through reckless and avoidable behaviour. The law must take its course. Bad behaviour must be sanctioned without batting an eye, fear or favour.

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