‘Leave my Bev alone’



BEVERLY Sibanda’s husband Mufudzi Chambuka is not pleased with Twitter’s delay in pulling down a parody account in the name of his wife, which he claims is causing “harm” to the exotic dancer.
There are a number of accounts on the microblogging platform purporting to be Bev’s and have in recent weeks been posting some controversial remarks. Chambuka, who is based in the United Kingdom, is critical of Twitter
for failing to deal with the rogue accounts despite reporting the matter.

“I would like to express great disappointment that Twitter officials are taking long to act on request for the above
fraudulent Twitter account that needs to be removed from the public domain.

“It is causing great harm to the public — Zimbabweans — including my wife Beverly Lizzie Junior Sibanda, who is a
public figure, and she has been distressed and is now suffering psychological trauma because of offensive language being used by the person pretending to be her,” Chambuka complained in a social media post.

Sibanda told the Daily News that she appreciates her husband’s efforts as some sections of society and showbiz
have taken advantage of her humility.

“He (Chambuka) has succeeded in protecting my image on social media. Some people had created fake accounts
of mine and posting lies which were meant to tarnish my brand.

“I am happy that Twitter and other social media platforms are now clamping down on these bogus accounts,” the raunchy dancer said.

Following the death of businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure on November 8, fake social media accounts under Sibanda’s name began making some wild accusations.

They alleged that the Sexy Angels’ leader was not happy as Ginimbi died before settling some undisclosed amounts for “services” rendered to the late socialite.

The post had gone viral on social media and this pushed Chambuka to act on the rogue accounts. Bev is a multi-award winning dancer, who was one of the first women in Zimbabwe to venture into exotic dancing.

Over the years, she has morphed into a fullyfledged artist after releasing a number of songs to complement her dancing moves. Despite being associated with exotic dancing, Bev, a mother of one, tied the
knot with Chambuka early this year.

Since then, she has gained weight, a development she has attributed to “good living” thanks to the support and care from her husband.

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