This week on The Secret Life of my Secretary as it gets in episode five and six, Veronica Park approaches Gal-Hee and tells her that she is looking for a secretary.
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Korean series make 3Ktv a marvel

By Ashley Moyo

FAST-GROWING independent commercial television station 3Ktv has entered its third season and introduced plenty of new riveting programmes among them two Korean series titled The Secret Life of my Secretary and Where Stars Land to celebrate the milestone.

The Secret Life of my Secretary started playing on 3Ktv on September 10 and it runs every Saturday whereas Where Stars Land started playing on September 11 and runs every Sunday.

In The Secret Life of my Secretary, a department manager of a mobile media company gets to know who his real friends and foe are after losing his ability to recognise faces due to an attack on him and teaming up with his secretary to try and solve the mystery while falling in love with her completely.

This week on The Secret Life of my Secretary as it gets in episode five and six, Veronica Park approaches Gal-Hee and tells her that she is looking for a secretary. 

Gal-hee claims that she is working for another great boss and in episode six Veronica is keen to know Gal-hee’s great boss.

In Where stars Land, a series which follows people who work diligently at Incheon International Airport, Lee Soo-Yeon (Lee Je-Hoon) graduated from prestigious KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). 

He begins to work at Incheon International Airport and gives himself a goal of six months to get used to working there. 

Lee Soo-Yeon is a mysterious man who keeps people at a distance.

There, he meets Han Yeo-Reum (Chae Soo-Bin).

She is a new employee in the passenger service team. 

She wants to be a perfectionist, but her reality is a little different. She makes a lot of mistakes.

This week on Where stars Land in episode three, Yeo-reum seems to be interested in getting to know Soo-yeon but Soo-yeon is clearly uninterested and she gets transferred.

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