Kobudo holds first grading event

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ZIMBABWE Kobudo successfully held their inaugural grading exercise at Harare’s Morris Depot over the weekend with men, women and children taking part in the event.

Guided by the country’s Kobudo ambassador Shidoshi Wilfred Mashaya, the technical examination was the first of its kind since the discipline’s local chapter was established in 2016.

Kobudo is a Japanese martial arts focused on weapons training used primarily in demonstrations, self-defence training and weapons katas.

Mashaya, who is the Regional Sports Man of the Year, was pleased with how the grading event went about.

“As you would already know, Kobudo is a discipline that I pioneered in Zimbabwe in 2016, after a successful trip to Russia where I won silver and bronze medals as a debutant,” Mashaya told the Daily News.

“The exercise is aimed at developing the sport in Zimbabwe and to help in the future selection of Zimbabwe Kobudo Team. Kobudo involves the use of ancient martial arts weapons like the sword, tonfa, chuckle sticks, sai, bo, Kama among others.”

Mashaya has received recognition across continents and is optimistic the discipline will grow in lthe country and be a force to reckon with.

“Since 2016, I have been training and grooming fellow Zimbabweans, both male and female including kids with a vision to make the country a Kobudo powerhouse in Africa and beyond as I believe we can do it if we have enough support,” he said.

“I have won different awards around the world for my contributions in Kobudo and other martial arts styles like karate, ninjutsu, nunchaku-do and self-defence.”

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