Knives out for Hosea Chisango


HARARE town clerk Hosea Chisango had called for “a comprehensive audit” into the city’s operations — way before the current investigations into various land deals and — which has elicited a “smear campaign” from his detractors.

This comes as several high-profile officials, including mayor Herbert Gomba, acting human capital head Matthew Marara and housing services director Addmore Nhekairo, have been arraigned before the courts — and the ex-water director is now the subject of unsavoury accusations that he must be probed too.

“…why is Chisango, Stanley Ndemera (acting finance director) and Emmanuel Mutambirwa (city valuations and estate manager), and those corrupt councillors not arrested yet,” an alleged Harare Residents Trust (HRT) electronic petition said, adding he had allegedly given some land to his associates in Mount Pleasant.

“What happened to the skip bins, which were bought as double and only single trucks were received by council and ratepayers’ money vapouring each day under his watch?

“He is (the person) responsible for submitting all reports that benefited these corrupt councillors. He superintended over (the acquisition of) SAGE and together with Ndemera they (depleted council coffers by receiving kickbacks from the system providers notwithstanding that they had paid more than half a million US dollars for a dysfunctional platform),” it said.

In revenue, the HRT dossier says, the so-called enterprise resource planning system has also been unhelpful, as it is always down and which once prompted a fierce row or clash between the administration head-honcho, and some information technology officers.

And the trained engineer also stands accused of failing to rein in subordinates in the human resources department, who had been openly fiddling or tampering with the City of Harare’s payroll system, and perpetually-supporting — together with Mutambirwa — some councillors’ anti-government activities.

Ndemera, on the other hand, stands accused of failing various corporate governance tests such as allowing his son’s firm to be part of council suppliers and facilitating internal audit staff’s access to council properties at sub-economic rates.

In addition, the HRT and TC’s other adversaries not only want him investigated by the Special Anti-Corruption, internal investigations and Loice Matanda-Moyo’s Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, but accuse Mutambirwa of being the “conduit of corrupt councillors’ land deals”.

“We are not surprised by this backlash, though, as he is the one who had initiated the audit into the dealings of several senior officials and to determine the quantum of potential prejudice suffered by the municipality after his office had been inundated with complaints from various stakeholders,” his backers said, adding it was unfortunate that some officials in July Moyo’s Local Government ministry were even aware of attempts to thwart the probe.

“But that proactive decision might have sparked problems for him as those fearing the forensics are bent on silencing or distracting him through various means.

“We remain hopeful, though, the investigations will go ahead as some in the main government bureaucracy are of the firm view that such actions should actually be extended across all major councils,” they said.

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