Katsande rescues Mutoko villagers . . . Ex-Warriors skipper donates groceries

Austin Karonga

©️  FORMER Warriors captain Willard Katsande has provided groceries for at least 200  people in Mukoki village in Mutoko to help them cope during this coronavirus (Covid-19)-induced lockdown.
Katsande bought groceries worth R50 000 for his kin which includes meali-meal, cooking oil, flour, rice, laundry soap, sugar, salt and beans.

Zimbabwe has been in a lockdown since March 30 and on Saturday, the government extended the period indefinitely as health officials try to curtail the spread of the novel virus.
During the lockdown, most small businesses and the informal sector have remained closed thereby depriving millions of Zimbabweans their revenue streams.
Most families in urban settings and especially in the rural areas are now finding it hard to put food on the table with the entire economy in a comatose due to the restrictions brought about by the virus.
It is in this vain that Katsande decided to help out his relatives in the villages of Kagande and Nyabote where his late father and mother hailed from.
Although the Kaizer Chiefs’ midfield enforcer’s roots are now firmly based in Mutare, he still has a soft spot for Mutoko where he was born.
“I decided to extend a helping hand to my relatives in my rural area where I came from, where my parents came from and the place where they’re buried now. Basically I’m from Mutoko but I grew up in Mutare,” Katsande told the Daily News from South Africa yesterday.
“As you know, in Mutare I have a tournament to benefit the community so in this time of need I looked back and said upon seeing how underprivileged the people in my rural area are, some of them can’t even afford to buy cooking oil.
“Unlike in Mutare I’m not saying everybody is OK but the situation is better to hustle there as compared to the rural areas where it’s painful to imagine how they are copying.”
The Kaizer Chiefs star said the prayers from his people from Mutoko have moulded him into a privileged member of society and this is one way of reciprocating the gesture.
“So I looked back and said let me do it like the way I did when I came back from Afcon,” he said.
“I had my appearance fees and match bonuses whereby I also bought groceries and them to my rural area because I know they’re in need of those kind of things.
“Moreover they (Mutoko villagers) support me as much as the people from Mutare; in my village there are more like 100 percent my relatives and I know they put me in their prayers each and every time so I thought maybe let me just do that for my people in the rural area but not necessarily saying that I’m neglecting Mutare.
“When I’m leaving South Africa for the holidays I go to Mutare then later to Mutoko so basically it was just a matter of trying to see where the hand is needed the most.”
Katsande joins a growing list of footballers making a difference in the lives of many during this lockdown.
Among them is the former Warriors trio of Esrom Nyandoro, Richard Choruma and Muzondiwa Mugadza who donated to their boyhood community of Mzilkazi last week.


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