Kangai estate wrangle rages on

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THE late national hero Kumbirai Kangai’s estate wrangle involving his widow and children continues to rage at the High Court.
The matter, which had been set down for hearing this week before High Court judge Jacob Manzunzu, was yesterday postponed to March 16 and 17, 2020 due to the absence of some of the children’s lawyers from Sinyoro and Partners.
Kangai, who was a Zanu PF politburo member and Cabinet minister, passed away in August 2013 and was declared a national hero.
Eight of his children are fighting from one corner, while Kangai’s widow Miriam Rehwai Loice Kangai is backed by two other children.
Marah Hativagone, Enea Nyunyuto, Freedom, Ngwarirai, Manyika, Rwatinyanya, Musadaro and Tiriwamambo Kangai told the court that their late father’s estate was being abused.
In their petition, they claimed the late Kangai’s wife, Miriam, and the other two children Fungai Kudzai and Muchatenda, were the ones abusing the estate.
“The three beneficiaries led by Miriam Rehwai Loice Kangai have been withdrawing funds from sales rather than profit, which action is tantamount to failure of the project,” the children said, adding that the trio was running Paarl Farm Property Development project into bankruptcy.
The children called for an audit on the financial and administrative affairs of the Paarl Farm project being run by Datco.
“Fungai Kudzai Kangai cannot desist from the habit of selling anything belonging to our late father that he lays his hands on. This, he practised even when our late father was still alive,” they said, further claiming that Fungai had sold timber and asbestos sheets that he removed from the tobacco barn.
In the petition, Kangai’s children claimed that in his will, the late national hero gave 10 percent of his estate to the Buhera South ward 19 while the rest was to be shared among the 11 beneficiaries.
According to the will, Miriam was awarded 50 percent of the estate.
They, however, said Miriam was now monopolising the estate.
“The eight of us have been barred from accessing the estate’s assets, including entrance to the homestead, 25 Glen Forest, where our late father stayed to the day of his death, which action is inhuman and a total violation of the will …,” the children said.
They added that security guards kept a list of names of people allowed to enter the premises.
“This directive was temporarily waivered on the day a memorial service for the late was held, which many of us did not attend in protest,” they said.
They said it was clear that Miriam was taking them as outlaws, who had no authority to be in any one of their late father’s estate.
They further said the late national hero’s widow was refusing with title deeds for the farm and their father’s Glen Forest house, adding that one of the family cars was being driven by one Tonderai Jakachira, who was not a beneficiary to the estate.
However, Miriam argued that as the surviving spouse she was entitled to her share of the estate, adding that knives were out against her because some people wanted to get a bigger chunk of her husband’s estate than they were entitled to.

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