Judge’s son remanded in custody


HIGH Court Judge Garainesu Mawadze’s son Munyaradzi, 21, — who is facing murder charges — has been asked to apply for bail before the High Court after being remanded in custody to April 14.

Munyaradzi, who is jointly charged with Elvin Dongo Saungweme, 22, and Dylon Balani, 22, was not asked to plead when the trio appeared before Harare magistrate Vongai Guriro.

The Magistrates’ Courts does not have jurisdiction to grant bail to murder suspects.
The three are accused of murdering a Harare cellphone dealer, Sipho Ncube.

Prosecutor Lancelot Mutsokoti told the court that on March 12, this year, the trio hatched a plan to rob Ncube of his cellphones and cash. In pursuance of their plan, the they approached Ncube while driving a Honda Accord and lured him into their vehicle saying they wanted to buy three Iphone Promax cellphones.

They agreed that each phone was going for US$1 800 and Ncube took the cellphones from his colleagues to sell on their behalf for a commission.

Allegations are that the trio told Ncube that part of the money for purchasing the cellphones was at their Waterfalls residence and he agreed to go there with them.

The court heard that the trio diverted the route and drove along Chiremba Road towards Ruwa. Along the way, they went to a secluded place and robbed Ncube of his cellphones and money threatening him with a knife.

It is alleged that they went on to stab him with a knife and further ripped open his throat resulting in his instant death.

The suspects drove away unnoticed and reportedly shared the cellphones among themselves.
Ncube’s relatives became suspicious of his disappearance and made a follow-up to Munyaradzi’s residence who denied knowledge of his whereabouts.

It is alleged that in a bid to cover up the offence, Munyaradzi used Ncube’s cellphone, claiming the cellphone dealer had been kidnapped. He reportedly washed off the blood stains and fled to Masvingo.

Munyaradzi was arrested in Masvingo and upon interview he implicated the other two suspects.

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