JSC marks 10th anniversary


THE Judicial Services Commission (JSC) will hold an open day at all its courts throughout the country on Wednesday to mark its 10th anniversary.

 The JSC, with its expanded mandate, came into existence on June 10, 2010 after the promulgation of the Judicial Service Act.

 As part of marking the JSC Day, the public will be allowed to physically visit the courts, see the different departments and engage with staff members. If there is any feedback, negative or positive, people would be able to lodge them.

The JSC current strategic plan (2016-2020) included the promotion of greater access to justice with particular focus on the underprivileged and vulnerable in society as one of its main goals and this day fulfils that objective.

In 2015, the JSC hosted an awareness campaign which has become known as ‘open days’. This was the first of its kind and was held in every province. It provided an opportunity for members of the public to answer questions about the operations of the various courts and departments as a means of sensitising them. This served as a means of informing the public of the operations and activities of the courts.

The JSC has consistently used the open days to foster and promote transparency. The JSC Day allows ordinary citizens to approach the courts and have the functions explained to them in simple terms. People will receive brochures containing information in various languages about and the courts. This will allow people to not only be educated, but appreciate how the courts work and the processes involved. – STAFF WRITER

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