JSC acquires sanitising booth, commences testing

THE Judicial Services Commission (JSC) has commenced coronavirus (Covid-19) testing of its employees beginning with judges and has also installed a sanitising booth at the Harare Magistrate’s Courts as part of measures to contain the spread of the deadly virus after resuming full operations yesterday.

Speaking during an assessment of the readiness of the Harare Magistrates’ Courts Chief Justice Luke Malaba said he had just been tested for Covid-19, adding that the rest of his judges were currently being tested.

The booth at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts has a foot tray which disinfects people’s shoes, a camera that detects a person before entering and activates sanitiser steaming and at the end is a hand sanitiser.

The booth is used after a person has been checked for temperature at the main gate, washed hands under running water and used the hand sanitiser.

“As you have all seen there is a machine which the JSC has provided where every person coming into this particular complex at Rotten Row goes through. It is quite an innovation for us and we are doing all this in our courts and everywhere in the country,” Malaba said.

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