‘Jiti encompasses mischief elements’


JITI music has an element of mischief from the lyrics to the dance and this should not be interpreted as obscenities, singer Baba Harare has said.

He said this in response to some sections which feel some of his songs are obscene.
Baba Harare said jiti music has always been part of the country’s culture and those who grew up in a rural setup may relate.

“Such dances have always been there for example kongonya. In the rural areas some may remember the pungwes, the songs they used to dance to. This is nothing new. I’m just reflecting the things that exist in our culture and in a modern way,” he said.

Last year the singer dropped the video Automatically which featured raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda who gave her all and left tongues wagging.

The video was popular and created social media frenzy under the banner of Automatically Challenge which saw women sharing videos shaking their rears.

Baba Harare said his music reaches a large section of society including children and is played at several gatherings; hence he cannot afford to be vulgar.

Recently he dropped a new video Hakuna Mvana off his 2019 album Generator which created controversy with its visuals which star male stripper Apama.

He said he will not let criticism affect his work and he is readying a new song dedicated to all the men looking after children they did not father.

“People always come up with different interpretations to the music. I believe it is all in the mind and I cannot control how they think.

“The music is for the people and this includes families and children and it is played at weddings and other functions including corporate events. I have to be responsible and I tread on right side of caution.

“A new song, an acapella is coming. This is an emotional song to all the men looking after children they did not father,” he added.

While others criticise his lyrics others love him judging by their comments on various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

“People love the music and this is seen in the requests we get daily for us to be in different places. We will not stop entertaining people because this is our job,” he said.

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