Jesa shines at UN75 virtual concert


Tinashe Sibanda
Lifestyle Writer

CELEBRATED Afro-fusion ensemble Jesa took the centre stage on Wednesday during the locally UN75 virtual concert organised by Yolk Africa in conjunction with the United Nations.

The online concert featured various artistes that include DJ Yayos, Pastor Haisa, Masa Caroleen and then Jesa before the concert was closed off with a performance by Van Choga.

“I still cannot believe that this concert did so well considering that the time frame I was given to put this together was very little. I organised this in exactly two days and it went on paper,” said Yolk Africa representative, Tinashe Makwarimba-Gram.

Makwarimba-Gram who is also the current manager of Jesa told the Daily News that this project was officially hosted by Yolk Africa.

Jesa Band energetically entertained online audiences with some of their most popular tracks including Magitare, Mai Ndibereke, Baba and Manuwere.

“Following Jesa’s electric performance the band will also be performing on Nash TV this coming Friday,” said Makwarimba-Gram.

All the musicians that performed managed to do justice to their slots.
The musicians were all different and each gave very unique showcases, hence giving the world a chance to witness the diversity in musical and artistic talents that can be found in Zimbabwe.

“I was impressed by each and every performer as they all gave the audiences a different feel and that was indeed special and undoubtedly a showcase of pure talent,” he said.

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