Jah Prayzah tops Zimura paylist

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Vasco Chaya

JAH Prayzah, who is believed to be the top earner under the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura), has raked in $83 850.40 this year.

He is closely followed by an unidentified musician who was paid $79 820. 26.
Zimura has, however, refused to confirm names of the top earners.

Musicians are paid once per year save for this year when they were paid twice.
There is a huge difference between number 1 and number 10 who got
$27 622. 66.

“It is not fair. How can Zimura give me $15 for the whole year? They are not even ashamed to ask me for an account number,” sungura musician Herbert Majeke said.

Most of the top earners this year are believed to be from Zimdancehall and these include Killer T, Freeman, Winky D, Tocky Vibes, Ex Q and greats such as the late Leonard Dembo among others in the Top 50 earners.
The number 50 musician got  $9 282. 44

However, there is a need for the royalties collecting agency to plug all the gaps when it comes to royalties’ collection.

“We rely on log sheets from radio stations. Yes, at times musicians tend to pay DJs for airplay and some musicians are played without being logged on the playlist sheet.

“The DJ might forget to log in the musician as some radio stations are still using hand written sheets,” Zimura executive director Polisile Ncube-Chimhini once told the Daily News.

Zimura has over 3 000 members and this year, the organisation distributed $4 million dollars to their members in royalties.

The money is distributed according to the success of the musicians’ songs on the market including on radio and in public places such as night clubs among others.

When the song is played on Star FM, the musician gets $0,75 per play while ZBC pays $5,31.

Last year the organisation which is mandated to protect and promote the rights of music composers, authors and publishers paid royalties to at least 2 500 musicians and the highest paid musician pocketed $5 000.

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