It’s time for an honest debate  

IT IS now very clear to all those who choose to see, that no matter what long-suffering Zimbabweans try to do to lift themselves out of their decades-old misery, they are on a hiding to nothing as long as the narrow interests of politicians hold sway.
In fact, and to be brutally frank, Zimbabwe’s long-standing political and economic crises have richly benefitted the country’s career politicians in both Zanu PF and the MDC — which is why they all do their damnedest to maintain the current toxic political deadlock.
Just consider this, should any of you doubt this incontrovertible truth: Every meaningful local, regional and international initiative of the past 20 years that was meant to assist the generality of the country’s citizens has been opposed by our selfish politicians.
For example, the stability-inducing government of national unity (GNU) of 2009 was fought fiercely by both Zanu PF and the MDC, resulting in its premature dissolution in 2013 — and before then, the disgraceful abuse by both parties of the leaders of South Africa who midwifed the much-needed deal.
Currently, all rational calls for national dialogue have also been frustrated by both Zanu PF and the MDC, whose leaders speak in tongues on the subject, being only interested in talks that guarantee their positions at the feeding trough.
Which is why it really is time for an honest discussion among all right-thinking Zimbabweans about the wretched state of our politics, and how we can together change this.
Readers of the Daily News will have noticed that for some time now we have been trying to focus the nation’s attention on things that really matter for ordinary Zimbabweans — so that we all don’t continue to be side-tracked by the histrionics of our career politicians and their supporters.
  1. george says

    Please help Zimbabweans how we will benefit between the President and Mr Chamisa talks. This is important to get a buy in from citizens. Some view the talks as a back door entry into govt or or subverting legal system in Zimbabwe or external interference. Please state facts. Noone disputes the state of the economy but to fix how?? May be people may understand the call for dialogue. One thing for sure the noise will quieten.

  2. Zulu says

    Zanu has failed yes but so has MDC. Mdc more so because they were supposed to bring people’s lives back to normality. All they are doing is waking the beast. God will never bless this land the management is not okay.

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