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It’s all about ambience on 3Ktv

WE HAVE all seen or been in hotels with perfect furniture, linen, decor and thought out themes that preach of a tranquil ambience. 

What if I could tell you that it was possible to recreate that serenity in your own homes in spite of location?

Cozy Cribs is a property show on 3Ktv showcasing elegant and Cozy Cribs with well manicured gardens.

It also showcases semi finished houses while teaching viewers on what they should look out for when investing in a house or a property.

Presented by Alice Chirenje, an experienced personnel in the real estate industry, her knowledge spices things up.

“My extensive knowledge in this industry helps me to share my knowledge on how people can create cozy spaces. 

“I used to work for a property development company and now I am with a construction company helping me to passionately present on what I have met along the way,” Chirenje explained.

The show shot on location has featured houses in different areas from the rural, high density and low density suburbs, all showing various ways of converting any house into a cozy crib.

“The message is that it’s not about the area a cozy crib is located. It can be in the ghetto and even in the rural areas, the target market is everyone who has a house which can be classified as a cozy cribs,” the ever-smiling presenter said.

Creating a favourable ambience has become an easy task through watching Cozy cribs on 3Ktv every Wednesday at 1800hrs.

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